post image June 10, 2022 | 1 min Read

Novo source code re-opened for access

Novo source code repository is now re-opened for access.

To ensure everything is MIT licensed, the newly re-opened Novo source code repository is entirely re-written based on a variation of Dogecoin.

Major milestones ahead

  • Novo 0.2 release (late Jun.)
    • Adapting new codebase to the 0.1.x blockchain
  • Novo 0.3 release (early Aug.)
    • Native FT/NFT implementation
  • Novo 0.3.1 ~ 0.3.3 (Aug - Nov)
    • VM enhancement for advanced scripting
  • Novo 1.0 release (2022.12.02)
    • Matured support for NOVO/FT/NFT contracted applications

Risk Disclaimer

Please note that the code drop is the first release candidate of Novo 0.2 (Novo 0.2rc1), which is still under intensive testing.

The code drop is for preview only (do NOT run it on mainnet).

If you are running nodes/mining programs/services, please wait for the stable release build of Novo 0.2.