post image May 13, 2022 | 1 min Read

Novo 0.1.2 Binaries and DNS Seeder now available

Novo 0.1.2 Binaries

Novo 0.1.2 binaries is released today.

To prepare for the coming upgrading steps, Novo 0.1.2 mainly contains two changes listed below:

  • RichTXID is deprecated.
  • Name inconsistencies across the software are now fixed (Novo¬†should be expected)

Source code is not available for 0.1.2 because License related changes are not accomplished yet. The repository will be renamed and re-activated once it’s done.

Novo 0.1.2, as the first step of an upgrading series, is fully backward-compatible with 0.1.0. However, to make sure the whole upgrading process works as expected, it is highly recommended to upgrade the node to help us deliver a safer, faster, and generally more robust release cycle.

  • WARN the data directory is changed to .novo, please rename it before running novo-v0.1.2.

DNS Seeder Service

novoworks/generic-seeder is now available.

It allows anyone to set up a seeder service (with settings.conf.novo) for Novo. More additional seeders make the network more robust.