post image May 9, 2022 | 1 min Read

Code Refactoring in May

Novo is now working as expected and has been conceptually verified. The released software is the very first step toward the whole development plan.

As suggested, Novocoin is renamed to Novo, and its ticker changed to $NOVO. All texts will be modified to reflect the changes.

With great feedback from people these days, heavy refactoring is being actively applied to the code base of Novo.

The refactoring mainly consists of two aspects:

  1. The software is being fundamentally and strictly revised with the MIT License applied to the entire code base. In the subsequent release distribution, every single line of code will be strictly MIT licensed in the public domain without any controversy or exception. It enables a long-term and healthy development plan, allowing developers to build without concern about potential license violations and patent threats.
  2. The RichTXID method is deprecated and replaced by an advanced VM-level enhancement to achieve L1 programmability with better interoperability and performance. With the new approach being implemented, L1 FT and L1 NFT are significantly easier to implement and simpler to understand.

There will be a source code release (and its binaries, presumably 0.1.1a) this month.