Unlimited Transaction Processing

Unlimited transaction processing capability is always the first and the most concerned issue on Novo.

Large-scale Non-blocking Smart Contract

A non-blocking smart contract model is effectively prepared for large-scale applications.

Classic UTXO Model
for Massive Parallelization

The utxo model is the greatest parallelization-friendly technical innovation that blockchain brings.


  • Symbol: NOVO
  • Decimal: 4 digits
  • Block Time: 150 seconds
  • Block Reward: 2,000,000 NOVO
  • Halving: Every 210,000 blocks (1 year)
  • Total Supply: 840,000,000,000

Starting freshly from block 0 with an altered mining algorithm implementation encourages fair participation.

Refined Virtual-Machine

advanced VM-level enhancements that make onchain programming simpler

Full Opcodes Scripting

honors full-featured oracle-less 100% L1 smart contract

Start From Block 0

starts freshly from block 0 without forking existing chains

Faster Confirmation

favors 150 seconds confirmation time like LTC

Improved DAA

favors altered difficulty adjustment algorithm using ASERT of BCH

Tagged SHA256 Mining

favors tagged-sha256-mining using tagged hashing